2011 Nissan Rogue – review

By   January 26, 2017

2011 Nissan RogueIt’s not a lot of journalists I get to drive to do. Currently we. And this week I’m driving the. 2011 Nissan Rogue SP. Here are the top 3 cards works. The sun rose. Number 3 core of the Nissan is that it’s a small crossover except this is a new Lexus for 58 which is a pretty substantial cross over and here is a Nissan Rogue if you look at the 2 cars side by side this is suppose to be a small crossover but yet when you sit inside of it you park it next to the Lexus it’s almost the same height it’s almost the same with it’s almost the same way here’s what I mean by how big it is I’m in the backseat 62 and I’ve got plenty of leg room plus I got this little nifty look here for all my dry cleaning needs that holds up to 3 kilograms nice. And quirky. Work of the new road is that Nissan for And up for 2011 Middle bit warmer analog but. New Hedlights for Nissan Rogue – additional information see at http://theharshlightofday.com/nissan-rogue/headlights.html.

I was comparing it to. It’s still a sea of black pine. In here. There’s a bit a chrome right here which I guess so. Goals up the inside but it. Still pretty dark and it’s still pretty black. And the number 3 car quirk of. Some rogue is that it’s not really a role in all. It’s morbid oreo you know at. Be on the outside. Dan on the. Sort of be. If you’re looking for a hard. Car offroad car. Then I suggest that you look for the real role in the need. Family.


By   January 10, 2017

2016 NISSAN ROGUEOnce a contact cross over it now has room for 7 on this edition of test drive the Nissan rogue. The Nissan rogue, is more told station wagon that it is yet. Sport utility. This and it’s expressive style serve to set it apart no it’s not as outrageous as the Infiniti FX but it sure makes many of the segment but rather boringly Foxy the second generation rogue is also larger than the original it’s why death toll at and it comes with a longer wheelbase. The cabin of this road has been very nicely thought through the materials, are top quality the front seats are absolutely superb and you get a lot a nifty tech features that are readily masted it comes together very nicely. The road is powered by single 2.5 liter inline 4 cylinder engine, it spins out 170 horsepower 100 75 pound fee to talk in a smooth and seamless fashion in a small right this engine off a sprightly performance in this application well not so much it motivates the broken drive it’s 100 kind 10.4 seconds, and it manages the 80 to 120 passing move in 7.1 as I say not pulse quickening below it isn’t adequate.

Wallace the 4 cylinder engine has gone adequate power for most eventualities if you start to use this road to capacity and that would mean having 6 riders along with you well it begins to run out of puff that’s why a turbo charged 4 cylinder or a V6 engine would make a big difference to the rug. Nice light Nissan Rogue headlights led. Paris relate to the roads through Nissan’s Xstrata continuously variable transmission, in the front or all 4 wheels normally, a rent would be in order but Nissan CBT is fairly well sorted in that it feels more like a regular automatic than a motor boating CBT yes it does drone under hard acceleration but for the most part it remains clock none flustered, when you’ll will dry system is in place the road gets its power down very efficiently and so it is worth the extra money. If indeed spice this road goes got plenty just over 1100 litres with the seats up a 1982 with them folded flat it also comes with a divided hide storage system this thing allows multiple different configurations as well as different levels it all comes together very nicely and of course there’s always the optional third row seat.

I have The road is to fight a right comfortable handling as such it walks along the highway as well as many luxury because the ride is cushioned and it’s equally quiet that’s the good news the downside is that feels while the ponderous when pushed through a series of sweeping corners in the pilot test it was a fair amount of body roll and when the speech wrapped up understeer arrived with the road came to the school he drive at this would be a problem however as a family whole again does what’s expected. I The road is not going to be everybody’s Cup of tea because of the fall so ingrained in however if you do value comfort flexibility and the availability of a third row seat in a compact package well it’s worth checking out.

How to install HID on a Nissan 350z black headlight

By   December 21, 2016

The guys marathoner and today we’re going to be working on a 3 Nissan 350z headlights We’re gonna be installing a HID kit on that. So when we got. There’s a wider variety of lies to do your research find one you like. And the first thing we gotta do is Jack the car up once you get the car jacked up there’s a couple both underneath the car guy gets to. And. We’ll go from there. I guess you’re gonna wanna get under the bumper and will loosen the screws right here.

350z black headlightYou’ll find them alongside the bumper. Miss you if the nose of the car. Right guys southern removed a box from under the bumper you know when I get from behind the fender liners there’s gonna be a couple bolts there. You know when I remove those that connect the bumper to a fender. You want to do that both sell the car. Okay so now that we got the bomb bunkers. The side once the next and last thing that’s holding the bumper on. Is these. Now tabs. Yeah I want to really for 56 volume is basically a screwdriver. Something flapped. There’s these little savages on its one sided then don’t pressure do much in this 350z black headlight blasted you will break it cited and rotate it sideways like this it’ll pop. Want to talk. You just pop it out.

Our goal so no we got these 3 bolts. On both sides of the. Barbara holding hands. Band in the body. Staying on on this one but when you one hook or take them both out. We’ll make sure doesn’t fall on you can. There’s ivy position on different so it’s easier for us to do it to people who were just outside the bumper off now. And carefully so you don. Scrape the bottom. We’re gonna have to do to get. To the bowl. Is there’s a bolt. Follow the liner there’s a bolts 350z black headlights. On the line and they’ll see the first one that comes up whatever movie that that’s a smart a screw actually noble.

Remove the screw she’s gonna loose in the liner from this and. There’s gonna be some plastic retainers. Follow N. is gonna love just like the ones we removed from the bumper up top. Remove those was about to. Get those out of there and that’s going to loosen. Fed by and fender liner. Now we’re gonna be able to get behind. To release the harness. Tom they close the 350z headlights. So. We’ll go from there. Okay so so does not a plastic retainer law. From the liner notes. To pee so bad so hooked up. We’re gonna come back here behind her legacy is gray. And blue connection that’s the main harness plug. Loan to pull it up you got the push and. So this fiery here. It’s gonna as you push now so just try to be just so this price plastic. And this one ‘s already in those those in that I’m not gonna come out just like that. Hang in there and then that’s. Pretty much that’ll be Lucien. Alright so we got the liner off.

Acura NSX will get the carbon -bodied version.

By   October 17, 2016

Acura NSXAcura published the pictures of racing coupe NSX GT3 with a fully carbon unpainted body. At the moment, the car manufacturer continues the development and configuration of the racing NSX, carried out by the American motor sport unit Honda Performance Development.

The car testing take place in the USA, Europe and Japan. The production of car is expected to be completed by autumn. The car will take part in the North American World Touring Car Championship NSX in 2017.

Instead of hybrid power unit, like that of the civil NSX, the racing variant will get only 3.5-L twin-turbo “six” with the dry carter and the six-speed sequential gearbox.

The stock coupe Acura NSX debuted last January. Together with the V6 engine, the super car will get three electric motors and a 9-speed double-clutch gearbox with 2004 Honda Pilot headlight bulb. The car can speed up to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds. The maximum speed is 307 km/h.

Mitsubishi Group has released the electric truck.

By   October 3, 2016

Car maker Mitsubishi released a new truck that runs on electric. E-Cell model is designed on the basis of the popular Canter truck.

Mitsubishi electric truckIn recent years, car manufacturers are increasingly producing electric models. Interest in new technology is due to the fact that its use eliminates the presence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during operating the car. For many countries, the environmental performance of vehicles plays a key role, and therefore there is an increased demand for electro cars.

Canter E-Cell from Mitsubishi is substantially different from its predecessors. Total truck weighs is six tons, the vehicle is capable of carrying loads of up to three tons. In the model electric motor power of 110 kW is built, which is equal to 150 horsepower. The truck can accelerate to 90 km / h, making it the best transportation for moving goods within the city. The capacity of the truck battery allows long work without recharging. So, the total charge will be enough to overcome a hundred kilometers, which is sufficient for transporting goods in the city.

A few facts about the most beautiful Jaguar.

By   September 24, 2016

Jaguar carOctober 27, 1948 Jaguar XK120 was released – roadster, which affects by the appearance and characteristics.
XK120 was the first post-war car Jaguar with the engine of its own design. Work on it was began during the war.
Contrary to the expectation the audience enthusiastically greeted the car. There were not simply enough cars to ensure all comers: the body was made of aluminum panels and assembled by hand. Only 240 XK120 were produced until 1949. Full automation of the production took place in 1950.

X120 was the fastest production car in the world: the version that was available for purchase, can reach speeds of up to 200 km / h. Acceleration to “hundreds” in this case is 10 seconds.
Initially only roadsters were produced, but since 1951 the compartment entered the market, and since 1953 – a convertible.

More than 80% of Jaguar XK120 were exported, and most of them – in the United States. The car was produced until 1954, and during this short period of time a little more than 12 thousand cars were made. The engine is produced in the 38 years since its inception.

Winter tires How to choose it right?

By   September 14, 2016

Winter tiresAs you know, there are winter tires of two kinds – studded and non-studded. Studded tire is stiffer because it should hold the spikes strictly upright, but it fits more to those drivers who often goes out of town, where the roads are covered with snow and ice, and if the vehicle is operated mainly in urban areas, it is best to choose a tire without studs, so-called “stickums” that provide good traction with the road.

At the same time, it is important to choose a manufacturer of winter tires, as there are a lot of them now, there are many, but not all of them are producing good quality tires. It is also important to select the tire size, because vehicle handling while driving on an icy road will depend on it. Many drivers prefer the “promoted” brands such as Bridgestone, GoodYear and the Nokian, which have already proven themselves in this business.