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How to install HID on a Nissan 350z black headlight

By   December 21, 2016

The guys marathoner and today we’re going to be working on a 3 Nissan 350z headlights We’re gonna be installing a HID kit on that. So when we got. There’s a wider variety of lies to do your research find one you like. And the first thing we gotta do is Jack the car up once you get the car jacked up there’s a couple both underneath the car guy gets to. And. We’ll go from there. I guess you’re gonna wanna get under the bumper and will loosen the screws right here.

350z black headlightYou’ll find them alongside the bumper. Miss you if the nose of the car. Right guys southern removed a box from under the bumper you know when I get from behind the fender liners there’s gonna be a couple bolts there. You know when I remove those that connect the bumper to a fender. You want to do that both sell the car. Okay so now that we got the bomb bunkers. The side once the next and last thing that’s holding the bumper on. Is these. Now tabs. Yeah I want to really for 56 volume is basically a screwdriver. Something flapped. There’s these little savages on its one sided then don’t pressure do much in this 350z black headlight blasted you will break it cited and rotate it sideways like this it’ll pop. Want to talk. You just pop it out.

Our goal so no we got these 3 bolts. On both sides of the. Barbara holding hands. Band in the body. Staying on on this one but when you one hook or take them both out. We’ll make sure doesn’t fall on you can. There’s ivy position on different so it’s easier for us to do it to people who were just outside the bumper off now. And carefully so you don. Scrape the bottom. We’re gonna have to do to get. To the bowl. Is there’s a bolt. Follow the liner there’s a bolts 350z black headlights. On the line and they’ll see the first one that comes up whatever movie that that’s a smart a screw actually noble.

Remove the screw she’s gonna loose in the liner from this and. There’s gonna be some plastic retainers. Follow N. is gonna love just like the ones we removed from the bumper up top. Remove those was about to. Get those out of there and that’s going to loosen. Fed by and fender liner. Now we’re gonna be able to get behind. To release the harness. Tom they close the 350z headlights. So. We’ll go from there. Okay so so does not a plastic retainer law. From the liner notes. To pee so bad so hooked up. We’re gonna come back here behind her legacy is gray. And blue connection that’s the main harness plug. Loan to pull it up you got the push and. So this fiery here. It’s gonna as you push now so just try to be just so this price plastic. And this one ‘s already in those those in that I’m not gonna come out just like that. Hang in there and then that’s. Pretty much that’ll be Lucien. Alright so we got the liner off.