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Mitsubishi Group has released the electric truck.

By   October 3, 2016

Car maker Mitsubishi released a new truck that runs on electric. E-Cell model is designed on the basis of the popular Canter truck.

Mitsubishi electric truckIn recent years, car manufacturers are increasingly producing electric models. Interest in new technology is due to the fact that its use eliminates the presence of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during operating the car. For many countries, the environmental performance of vehicles plays a key role, and therefore there is an increased demand for electro cars.

Canter E-Cell from Mitsubishi is substantially different from its predecessors. Total truck weighs is six tons, the vehicle is capable of carrying loads of up to three tons. In the model electric motor power of 110 kW is built, which is equal to 150 horsepower. The truck can accelerate to 90 km / h, making it the best transportation for moving goods within the city. The capacity of the truck battery allows long work without recharging. So, the total charge will be enough to overcome a hundred kilometers, which is sufficient for transporting goods in the city.