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By   January 10, 2017

2016 NISSAN ROGUEOnce a contact cross over it now has room for 7 on this edition of test drive the Nissan rogue. The Nissan rogue, is more told station wagon that it is yet. Sport utility. This and it’s expressive style serve to set it apart no it’s not as outrageous as the Infiniti FX but it sure makes many of the segment but rather boringly Foxy the second generation rogue is also larger than the original it’s why death toll at and it comes with a longer wheelbase. The cabin of this road has been very nicely thought through the materials, are top quality the front seats are absolutely superb and you get a lot a nifty tech features that are readily masted it comes together very nicely. The road is powered by single 2.5 liter inline 4 cylinder engine, it spins out 170 horsepower 100 75 pound fee to talk in a smooth and seamless fashion in a small right this engine off a sprightly performance in this application well not so much it motivates the broken drive it’s 100 kind 10.4 seconds, and it manages the 80 to 120 passing move in 7.1 as I say not pulse quickening below it isn’t adequate.

Wallace the 4 cylinder engine has gone adequate power for most eventualities if you start to use this road to capacity and that would mean having 6 riders along with you well it begins to run out of puff that’s why a turbo charged 4 cylinder or a V6 engine would make a big difference to the rug. Nice light Nissan Rogue headlights led. Paris relate to the roads through Nissan’s Xstrata continuously variable transmission, in the front or all 4 wheels normally, a rent would be in order but Nissan CBT is fairly well sorted in that it feels more like a regular automatic than a motor boating CBT yes it does drone under hard acceleration but for the most part it remains clock none flustered, when you’ll will dry system is in place the road gets its power down very efficiently and so it is worth the extra money. If indeed spice this road goes got plenty just over 1100 litres with the seats up a 1982 with them folded flat it also comes with a divided hide storage system this thing allows multiple different configurations as well as different levels it all comes together very nicely and of course there’s always the optional third row seat.

I have The road is to fight a right comfortable handling as such it walks along the highway as well as many luxury because the ride is cushioned and it’s equally quiet that’s the good news the downside is that feels while the ponderous when pushed through a series of sweeping corners in the pilot test it was a fair amount of body roll and when the speech wrapped up understeer arrived with the road came to the school he drive at this would be a problem however as a family whole again does what’s expected. I The road is not going to be everybody’s Cup of tea because of the fall so ingrained in however if you do value comfort flexibility and the availability of a third row seat in a compact package well it’s worth checking out.