By   January 26, 2017

2011 Nissan RogueIt’s not a lot of journalists I get to drive to do. Currently we. And this week I’m driving the. 2011 Nissan Rogue SP. Here are the top 3 cards works. The sun rose. Number 3 core of the Nissan is that it’s a small crossover except this is a new Lexus for 58 which is a pretty substantial cross over and here is a Nissan Rogue if you look at the 2 cars side by side this is suppose to be a small crossover but yet when you sit inside of it you park it next to the Lexus it’s almost the same height it’s almost the same with it’s almost the same way here’s what I mean by how big it is I’m in the backseat 62 and I’ve got plenty of leg room plus I got this little nifty look here for all my dry cleaning needs that holds up to 3 kilograms nice. And quirky. Work of the new road is that Nissan for And up for 2011 Middle bit warmer analog but. New Hedlights for Nissan Rogue – additional information see at

I was comparing it to. It’s still a sea of black pine. In here. There’s a bit a chrome right here which I guess so. Goals up the inside but it. Still pretty dark and it’s still pretty black. And the number 3 car quirk of. Some rogue is that it’s not really a role in all. It’s morbid oreo you know at. Be on the outside. Dan on the. Sort of be. If you’re looking for a hard. Car offroad car. Then I suggest that you look for the real role in the need. Family.